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TurnToday is the blog to Turn The Knob.  Turn The Knob is a Life Coaching firm founded by Joe Raab.

Turn The Knob Mission:

Each client will:
Courageously face the unknown.
Challenge any limiting beliefs
Change their interpretations.
Choose their future.
Create their now.
Celebrate all successes.
The majority of Joe’s clients are young professionals who want to create the life of their choosing.  Usually his clients come into the first session not knowing how to change the cycle of life, but know something has to change.  They are sort-of having a quarter-life crisis.  They have come to the realization that the life they dreamed of in college is not necessarily what they are living.  After an initial strategy session, each client has a personal package created for them to fit their specific wants, needs, and desires. The goal is change.  Over time, through weekly calls, actions plans, and activities, Joe partner’s with his clients to really evaluate their core beliefs and values to start designing and start living the life they dream of living.
If you, or somebody you know, wants to make change in their life, please send us a message on Facebook at facebook.com/TurnTheKnob.  Take control of your life and make choice be the change of your life.
Besides coaching, Joe works in the IT department for a leading hospitality company and teaches a variety of higher education communication courses.
In Joe’s words on how he became a coach:
“I feel I have always been a coach, because people have always sought out my advice. At a young age, I was always in front of a crowd putting on a show. This is no surprise to those who know me. As I got older, I sort of lost my way and passion.  I  was stuck in a repetitive cycle of the same day over and over again.  Overcome with anxiety, I know something had to change.  I rediscovered the power of choice and made-over my life.  Now, I coach to help others to do the same.  We all have choice.  So, why not choose to have the best life possible.  Partner with me and open the door to the life you really want!”

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If you woke up tomorrow and your life was perfect, what would it be like?

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